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Compliance Is Our Backbone

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay compliant with all of the most recent regulations, no matter what the business avenue. With our compliance experts you can rest assured knowing you are safe.


As a private network, we are very selective and focus only on leading advertisers and high-quality affiliates.


We ensure compliance with state and local laws including CAN-SPAM and the Truth in Advertising Act.


Our dedicated compliance team uses the industry’s most rigorous monitoring technology to assure that your online campaigns are 100% compliant.


We pride ourselves on matching our publishers with proven offers based on real analytics and proven ROI.

About Us

Takeover Media is a performance-based digital advertising agency that leverages experience, data, and technology to build custom solutions for advertisers and respected brands looking to grow their online presence and consumer base. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients connect products and services with highly engaged consumers globally all while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and performance.

We only work with the most proven, reputable partners to deliver data-driven lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand awareness campaigns through email, mobile, social, and display advertising. Our industry experience and rigorous vetting process ensure we only work with the most compliant publishers to deliver sustainable, scalable returns.